To acquire CCDP certification, applicants who meet all requirements for CCDP certification may apply directly for Certification. Those who do not meet all the criteria required for Certification may apply for the provisional status of CCDP Candidate. Upon completing all the requirements for certification, a CCDP Candidate may apply for full Certification.
The CCDP Candidacy Program is designed to establish communication, assistance, and continuity between CCDP Certification and applicants in the career development field who are seeking CCDP accreditation. “Candidate” status indicates that a CCDP candidate has voluntarily committed to ongoing professional development and continuous advancement in the career development field to achieve CCDP, the proof of professional excellence.

The Candidate applicants will benefit from:

  • Ongoing professional training and supports
  • Access to BCCDA resources and job board
  • Connect and communicate with industry professionals using the BCCDA platform
  • Join BCCDA Mentorship
  • Attend BCCDA Career Fair
  • Obtain learning experiences via BCCDA volunteer opportunities
  • Upon the completion of all the requirements, candidate’s file will be automatically transferred to the Reviewer for the final decision. If the candidates satisfy all the requirements, they will receive their CCDP Certification at no extra fees.

CCDP Application Process- The CCDP Candidacy Pathway

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CCDP Candidacy Certification Criteria

Eligibility for this credential is based upon a combination of education, work experience, and evidence of competency. Please note the following changes to the CCDP Candidacy program:

  • Applicants who meet all requirements may apply directly for CCDP Certification. Those who do not meet all the stated Certification criteria may apply for the provisional status of CCDP Candidate. Upon completing all the requirements for certification – through a combination of education, work experience, and evidence of competency – a CCDP Candidate may apply for full Certification.
  • Successful completion of BCCDA’s Candidacy certification process confers the right to use the title “Certified Career Development Professional Candidate” (CCDP Candidate).
  • There is no application deadline. Applications are received on an ongoing basis and are reviewed monthly.
  • You can remain as a CCDP Candidate for five years to meet all the requirements to become a CCDP. Once you meet all certification requirements, you have the right to use the initials CCDP after your name without paying a CCDP application fee. After the initial five-year period, you can apply for an extension to your file.

All applicants must indicate how they plan to meet the following five requirements in their CCDP Candidacy application:

    1. Education and Work Experience
    2. BCCDA Professional Membership
    3. Mandatory Courses: Ethics and Theories
    4. Commitment to complete twenty-five hours of Professional Activities per subscription year, to demonstrate Career Practitioner Competencies and Areas of Specialization
    5. Two Professional References

Apply for CCDP Candidacy

To apply for CCDP Candidacy, please complete the CCDP Candidacy Application Form and submit it along with your CCDP Candidacy fee and the required documents (as outlined in the application form).

Applicants must provide evidence of an individual BCCDA Professional Membership in good standing as part of their application. If you are not currently a BCCDA member, click here to join and submit your email receipt with your application or submit payment with your application.

Applicants must include two professional references with their application. Please use the Professional Reference Form.

Please ensure to have all the supplement documents (such as official transcript, proofs of completion for Ethics and Theories, proof of payment…) scanned in PDF format prior to applying for CCDP Candidacy online.

There are three ways to submit your CCDP application:

  • Submit your application online. You can upload the files to your profile, after you  enter your contact information and before you submit your payment. This is a preferred method. Upload your application files and submit payment now.
  • Submit your application via email by sending your packages to, subject: CCDP applicant-Your name or CCDP Candidacy applicant- Your name
  • Submit by paper to BCCDA registrar office at: 728-510 W Hastings St. Vancouver BC, V6B 1L8

Certification Fees

The certification fee of $52.50 (GST included) covers the cost of assessment and is payable upon submission of the application. Please note that this fee is non-refundable.
Pay Now!

CCDP Candidacy Application Processing Times

Processing times tell you how long it took The BCCDA Reviewer Committee to process applications in the past after receiving a complete application package. Processing times can vary, depending on the qualification of your file and how many applications we receive.

The BCCDA Reviewer Committee will evaluate the applications within 2-4 weeks for online applications and a maximum of 6 weeks for paper application.**

Please note that your application may take longer to process if it’s not complete. We will contact the applicant within five business days to inform you about the missing or additional required information from the committee.

**We are currently experiencing higher than usual volumes of CCDP applications. Processing times will take significantly longer than usual. We apology for the inconvenience. We are doing our best to improve and streamline our certification processes.  

Confirmation Email

*Important to all CCDP Candidacy Applicants:

Please note that BCCDA will send you an email confirmation to the email address you filled in your application (with your receipt attached if applicable) within three business days for online applications and seven business days for regular mail applications. If you have not received our confirmation email after this time, please contact the BCCDA office.