CCDP Maintenance Requirements and Application Form

How to Maintain Certification

In order to use the CCDP Designation and title, practitioners must:

  1. Maintain a current, valid, individual Professional Membership in the BCCDA
  2. Apply for CCDP Maintenance Log 30 days prior to the expiry of their current BCCDA Professional Membership


  • CCDP Maintenance is required every year for all CCDPs.
  • For your convenience, starting June 11, 2016 BCCDA has combined your CCDP expiry date with BCCDA Individual Membership expiry date by taking the longer date as your new BCCDA Professional Membership renewal date.
  • Please read our Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) Criteria Guideline carefully before applying for CCDP Maintenance Application.

CCDP Maintenance Requirements

The CCDP designation is a mark of professional excellence. It symbolizes the practitioner’s commitment to ongoing professional development and the continuous advancement of the career development field. In order to maintain the integrity of the certification, holders of the CCDP designation must meet a number of basic criteria to be eligible for CCDP Maintenance.

To qualify for CCDP Maintenance the applicant must:

    • Complete and log a minimum of 25 hours of professional activities completed every year. Training activities may be done through BCCDA, or through other organizations and training providers. CCDP holders can claim up to a maximum 10 hours of indirect activities such as reading, writing and research (Find more details in Eligible Professional Development Activities section-CCDP Maintenance Application).
    • Ensure that all claimed Professional Activities address at least one Core Competencies and one Areas of Specialization from the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.
    • Be an individual Professional Member in good standing with the BCCDA at all times. Please ensure to renew your Professional Membership before submitting CCDP Maintainance Log.
    • Complete and submit CCDP Maintenance Log 30 days prior to their BCCDA Professional Membership expiry date.
    • Retain verification documents for all claimed Professional Activities for a year

For more detailed information on each criterion, please see the CCDP Maintenance Application.

CCDP Maintenance Application Form

To maintain your CCDP:

  • Applicants can download, complete and submit the CCDP Maintenance Application to, attention: Jenny Calica
  • Download the CCDP Maintenance Application

PLEASE NOTE: The CCDP Maintenance Application Form is a fillable form. The placeholder text will disappear once you click on a field and begin typing.

For a thorough discussion of the Core Competencies and Areas of Specialization, please consult the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Practitioners.

CCDP Maintenance Fees

CCDP Maintenance fees are included in your Professional Membership fee. You will have two weeks of grace period to complete your CCDP maintenance application. After the two weeks period, your CCDP will be considered expired. In order to re-activate your certification status, you will need to pay a reactivation fee of $ 100 and a fee of $50 for each year your maintenance application is missing.

  • Appeal Fee: $52.50 (GST included)

PLEASE NOTE: All fees are non-refundable.

Confirmation Email

*Important to all CCDP Applicants:

Please note that BCCDA will send you an email confirmation to the email address you provided in your application (with your receipt attached, if applicable) within three business days for online applications and seven business days for regular mail applications. If you have not received our confirmation email after the time provided, please contact BCCDA office.

(Updated 2016 July 04)