Certification Overview

What is a Certified Career Development Practitioner?

The Career Development industry has many roles that touch on the field of career development. A Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) is a professional who has exhibited career development knowledge, needs assessment and referral skills and expertise as well as having interpersonal competence as a professional in the career development industry. Additionally, a CCDP is required to have skills and expertise in at least three of the following areas: assessment, facilitated individual and group learning, career counselling, information and resource management, work development, and community capacity building. Certified Career Development Practitioners have also committed to adhering to a professional Code of Ethics as outlined by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.

Work roles within the career development field may include

  • Career Practitioners
  • Career Educators
  • Career Development Specialists
  • Employment Counsellors
  • Career Counsellors
  • Career Coaches
  • Rehabilitation Consultants
  • Job Placement Professionals
  • Co-Op Coordinators
  • Family and Personal Counsellors
  • Educators, Trainers, Facilitators
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Product Developers
  • Program Managers, Executive Directors
  • Policy Makers
  • Business, Trade and Industry
  • Sector Councils

In order maintain their CCDP credential, Certified Career Development Practitioners must maintain a current Professional Membership in BC Career Development Association. If you wish to become a member of the BCCDA, click here for more information.

Changes in Certified Career Development Practitioner Certification

CCDP Candidacy

To acquire CCDP certification, applicants who meet all requirements for CCDP certification can apply directly for Certification. Those that do not meet all the criteria required for Certification may apply for a provisional status of CCDP Candidate. Upon completing all the requirements for certification a CCDP Candidate can apply for full Certification.

The CCDP Candidacy Program is designed to establish communication, assistance and continuity between CCDP Certification and applicants in career development field seeking CCDP accreditation. The “Candidate” status indicates that a CCDP candidate has voluntarily committed to the ongoing professional development and continuous advancement of the career development field to achieve CCDP-the symbol of professional excellence.

Benefits of Candidacy

The Candidate applicants will benefit from:

  • Ongoing professional training and supports
  • Access to BCCDA resources and job board
  • Connect and communicate with industry professionals using BCCDA platform
  • Join BCCDA Mentorship
  • Attend BCCDA Career Fair
  • Obtain learning experiences via BCCDA volunteer opportunities

CCDP Certification

BCCDA value our members’ feedback and contributions. We are pleased to offer an improved certification application system. Starting June 11, 2016 the following changes would apply:

  • CCDP applicants can apply using their official transcripts from the educational institution. No sealed documents needed for certification and candidacy (official transcripts, professional references…)
  • There are six categories in which you can apply (you can select multiple categories to apply- the Reviewer Committee will decide the most applicable category to your file):
    • Category 1. Related Masters degree in Career/Employment Development and at least 1 year full-time or an equivalent amount of part-time related paid qualifying work experience.
    • Category 2. Related Bachelors degree in Career/Employment Development and at least 2 years full-time or an equivalent amount of part-time related paid qualifying work experience.
    • Category 3. Related Diploma/Associate Degree (min. 400 hours) in Career/Employment Development and at least 3 years full-time or an equivalent amount of part-time related paid qualifying work experience.
    • Category 4. Related Certificate (min. 200 hours) in Career/Employment Development and at least 4 years full-time or an equivalent amount of part-time related paid qualifying work experience.
    • Category 5. Unrelated degree and at least 4 years full-time or an equivalent amount of part-time related paid qualifying work experience.
    • Category 6. Employment Pathway: Minimum of 8000 hours of paid qualifying work experience in the past 10 years.
  • “Full-time” means at least 30 hours of paid work in one week. One year of full-time work is at least 1560 hours.
  • Candidates who apply using international paid work experience must have at least one year paid work experience in Canada.
  • If career/employment related duties account for only part of an applicant’s past jobs/roles, or applicant’s work experience was only part-time (less than 28 hours/week), then the applicant must demonstrate that they have accumulated the required experience over more years than indicated for the category in question.
  • Applicants must have obtained their core education from an accredited or government approved institution of higher education in Canada or one that is approved by BCCDA.
  • Applicants with certificates, diplomas, or degrees from other countries must provide evidence that their degree is from an accredited or government approved institution or submit a credential recognition document from a government or university-approved ICES or PLAR service.
  • Applicant’s educational programs or degrees for categories 1 through 4 must be in Career/Employment Development, Vocational Rehabilitation, or in the following related fields: Psychology, Sociology, Counselling, Education, Human Resources Management, Social Work or Marketing.
  • Applicants must be a current, individual voting member of the BCCDA. Professional Membership is required for the Association to have continued jurisdiction over the member and over continued use of the CCDP designation. Successful applicants must maintain their BCCDA professional membership to maintain their CCDP certification. For those who have been grandfathered in with a three year certification period, you will have a Professional Membership credit of $50 for each reminding subscription years with BCCDA. To read more about this compensation and how would it apply to you; please refer to our BCCDA membership benefits.

CCDP Maintenance

BCCDA is pleased to announce that we have streamlined and simplified the process for maintaining your CCDP designation. Below is a list of changes effective as of July 1, 2016:

  • Professional activities will now be tracked in hours rather than in credits. (If you watch a one hour webinar it simply counts as 1 hour of Professional Activities)
  • BCCDA has shifted to requiring an annual CCDP Maintenance Log. The annual system, in addition to being more convenient, will ensure that members are engaging in continuing education activities on a consistent basis.
  • Your professional membership fee of $130 will cover the CCDP maintenance fee.
  • Member profile with Professional Hours Tracking System With the launch of our new website, your member profile will now automatically track all Professional activities obtained through BCCDA.
  • In order to maintain your CCDP designation and title, practitioners must:
    • Maintain continuous Professional Membership with BCCDA.
    • Complete and document a minimum of 25 hours of professional activities per year.
    • Ensure that each professional development activity claimed addresses at least one Core Competency and one area of Specialization from the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.
    • Supporting Documents: Please retain verification documents for all continuing education activities claimed for one year after submission as they may be required for randomized audits.

Certification Across Canada

BCCDA works with a national working group, Canadian Council of Career Development on national certification standards. Please read Canadian Certification at a Glance – August 2016 for a current view of certification.

Who is involved in the governance of this credential?

The BC Career Development Association has a governance process that is inclusive in nature, taking into consideration the needs of multiple stakeholders, including the needs of the career development practitioner. There are multiple roles in the overall governing model, including the following:

  • BCCDA Certification and Education Committee – the role of the committee is to guide the direction of the CCDP credential. The board chair is generally a BCCDA board member. The registrar is an ex-officio member.
  • Certification Review Committee is comprised of CCDP certified peers from within the career development community (to provide a peer reviewed process) who have been trained in the certification criteria and requirements. The reviewers may work as front-line practitioners, program managers, executive directors, researchers, product developers or consultants.
  • Certification Appeals Committee – applicants dissatisfied with a decision of the Certification Review Committee may appeal that decision to the Appeals Committee in writing to the Registrar within 60 days of issuance of the Certification Review Committee decision. Note that appellants are required to pay a non-refundable fee + GST to cover the administrative costs of their appeal.

Presentations Available

For organizations who are interested in learning more about the Credential, BC Career Development Association staff are available to provide information sessions and presentations. These presentations are usually 30 minutes. If you are interested in hosting a presentation, please email admin@bccda.org.