History of Certification

sm-slide1The concept of certification in BC has been discussed in many forums, in many places by many people over the years. Beginning in 2004, members of the BC Career Information Partnership (www.workinfonet.bc.ca/bccip) began consulting with the BC Career Development Practitioner community to determine if there was interest in developing a credential for the sector. Throughout the consultations this initiative was met with interest and enthusiasm. As a result, the members of BCCIP created a draft model for certification and in 2006 BCCIP began the process of endorsing an appropriate body to grant the credential. The Career Management Association of BC (CMA) was successful in an RFP that was tendered over the Fall of 2006 and Winter of 2007 and in June 2007 CMA was endorsed as the professional association to govern the process and grant the CCDP credential.

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