for Career Development Practitioners

Canadian Standards and GuidlinesThe Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners is a voluntary code of conduct for those in the field. They were developed to:

  • Define career development as a legitimate specialization
  • Provide a foundation for designing career development-practitioner training
  • Provide quality assurance to the public
  • Recognize and validate the diverse skill sets of practitioners working in the field
  • Create a common voice and vocabulary for career development

The Standards & Guidelines outline a specific set of competencies required for Career Development Practitioners based upon job practices. The three competency clusters are:

  1. Core Competencies: Professional behaviors, interpersonal competence, career development knowledge, and needs assessment and referral
  2. Areas of Specialization: Assessment, facilitated individual and group learning, career counseling, information and resource management, work development, and community capacity-building
  3. Common Skills and Knowledge: Work search strategies and group facilitation

To learn more about the Standards & Guidelines visit the link below. The full S&Gs are available (in both Word and PDF format) by clicking on the Standards & Guidelines section.


Identify the competencies you possess as outlined by the Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners through the use of this helpful self-assessment tool sponsored by the Competency Frameworks for Career Development / Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioners. The assessment also provides assistance in the development of a personalized action plan to develop the competencies that you are missing as well as tracking your progress over time.

To take the self-assessment click on the following link: