BCCDA Agency Membership Types

Important Notes To Agency Members:

  • For those who have renewed their membership accounts up to 2017, we will ask you to select your types of agency membership again. After 2017, all agency membership renewal fees will be charged according to the new fee structures.
  • CCDP holders/ candidates can enjoy a 5%-9% discounted rate on your individual Professional Membership if your agency is maintaining a current and valid agency membership in the BCCDA. Please contact BCCDA Registrar office for your promo code.

BCCDA Individual Membership Types

Important Notes for BCCDA Members:

  • Staring June 11, 2016 BCCDA will combine your CCDP expiry date with your BCCDA Individual Membership expiry date by taking the longer date as your new annual CCDP/Professional Membership Anniversary date. For example, your CCDP expiry date is on August 15, 2016 and your BCCDA individual membership expiry date is on December 31, 2016- Your new CCDP/Professional Membership expiry date will be on December 31, 2016)
  • If your CCDP expiry year is greater than 2018, you will have a credit of $50 for each remaining subscription years in BCCDA new Professional Membership (As you have pre-paid a total of $150 for re-certification fee over a three-year period). Therefore, when you renew your Professional Membership and fill-in CCDP Maintenance Log, you will pay a discounted fee of $80/year. For example, if your CCDP expiry year is 2019,  you will pay the discounted fee of $80 (plus tax) for your Professional Membership for 2018. If this is the case for your membership, please contact BCCDA Registrar office for a promo code.
  • For those who are not CCDP holders/candidates and have renewed your membership up to 2017, the new fee structures will apply on your next membership renewal term.

Commercial General Liability Insurance/ Professional Liability Insurance

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance protects your business from lawsuits involving bodily injuries that occur within your workplace, and injuries or damages caused by your employees elsewhere.  This insurance protects businesses against claims for:
    • Injuries to customers, employees, vendors or visitors that occur on your premises.
    • Injuries that occur elsewhere as a result of the actions or negligence of an employee.
    • Third party property damage caused by an employee.

    Professional Liability Insurance covers you for the rendering or failure to render professional services.

  • For more infomation, please download the Aon_Liability Insurance Application Form 2013

Counselling Skills Programs and Courses (Vancouver Community College)

We are pleased to announce an agreement with Vancouver Community College to provide our members with access to the Counselling Skills programs and courses (see list below) with a special 10% tuition discount. This learning opportunity allows career development practitioners to strengthen and apply their counselling skills for better client services. If you are a Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP), please note that the certificate program application requirements may be waived.

  • Basic Counselling Skills – Prerequisite Course
  • Community Counselling Skills Certificate Program
  • Addiction Counselling Skills Certificate Program
  • Counselling Skills – Professional Development Courses

To find out more about VCC Counselling Skills programs and courses, please visit: http://www.vcc.ca/programscourses/program-areas/human-and-family-services/

An important focus of VCC’s Counselling Skills programs and courses is to provide students with experiential learning regarding the client-counsellor relationship. You will examine the nature and process of client-centred counselling, learn skills foundational to most models of counselling, and practice your learned skills in a supervised setting. Questions regarding the programs and courses can be sent to counsellingskills@vcc.ca.

To receive the tuition discount, please provide your BCCDA membership number and complete the following registration form: BCCDA Member_ CS Registration_Form to cstudies@vcc.ca

Please call 604-443-8484 if you have any questions about the registration process.

Career Management Professional Program (www.lifestrategies.ca/training.cfm)

  • The Career Management Professional Program (CMPP) is designed to meet the professional development needs of career/employment counsellors, career practitioners, human resource management professionals, counsellors, rehabilitation professionals, and/or practitioners in related fields. The CMPP is proud to be the home of Canada’s only pre-approved program for the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential.
  • BCCDA members “Save the GST” on all courses.
  • In order to receive the discount, please note your BCCDA membership number in the comment box during the registration process.
  • To register for CMP courses please visit Life Strategies’ online store

TRG Benefits Group Health Benefit Plan

  • TRG Group Benefits is now providing group benefits consulting services to the BCCDA
  • Enjoy extended health care coverage at competitive rates typically only available to large businesses
  • Build a health and wellness plan that is tailored to your needs
  • Basic coverage includes: Group Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependent Life, Prescription Drugs, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Acupuncturist, Emergency Medical Coverage Outside of Canada, and more.
  • Further option to add Dental Care and/or Long Term Disability
  • Basic coverage starts at: Single – $62.20 per month, Family – $127.80 per month
  • For more information, please download the bccda-2015-benefit-plan